Corporate and Group Events

Why should I have a Group Event/Corporate Team-Building Event?

Team-building/group events are incredibly effective for companies and businesses to improve company morale, create long-lasting team relationships, and encourage company cohesion! A day committed to having fun and relaxing also helps prevent employees from burning out.

Why should I pick LVORR for my corporate/group event?

We know how to host a group event because we have years of experience doing it. Las Vegas Off Road Experience focuses on team-building exercises that focus on real-life skills like team-work, communication, and attentiveness.

Not only will you have the thrill and excitement of driving, you will also have to work together as drive and co-driver to drive through the desert landscape with only GPS and in-car communication. The adrenaline-inducing experience will help bring employees and management alike closer together.

Do we need to be experts?

We accommodate for the skill levels of each racer so that they can have fun driving no matter their background. The more they drive, the better that they will get. While they have fun, they can build confidence and get better at racing.

Is There Only a Racing Package?

We offer different packages depending on what you would like! We’re willing to accommodate to what kind of team-building experience you’re looking for. Whether you want to add a shooting package,  an ATV tour, or a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, just let us know and we will make sure your corporate event is exactly how you want it! We want to give you and your employees an experience you’ll never forget!

For questions regarding Las Vegas Team Building Events please call a representative at 702.333.0999